What is a good Bugzilla alternative?

Bugzilla is a cross-platform, web-based bug tracking and testing tool developed by Netscape Communications in 1998 and offered as open-source, self-hosting software to anyone wishing to use it.
Throughout the years, it was adopted by various companies, such as Apache, LibreOffice and Eclipse.
Currently, it is part of the Mozilla project and it is licensed under their organization.
The system was very popular for a long time, among both large IT corporations and small development firms, but more and more people would like to know if there are any Bugzilla alternatives, because it is becoming outdated, if not in functionality, then in user experience.
Fortunately, the answer is yes.
There is more than one alternative to Bugzilla out there, so that every developer can find something flexible and powerful.
One Bugzilla replacement is BugUp, created by InformUp, a modern, feature-packed and intuitive solution for testers everywhere.
There are several aspects at which Bugzilla excels, but there are definitely some aspects at which it falls short.
In this day and age, when clients are more demanding than ever and developers need to develop software with professional QA, using a tool that lacks essential features is simply not acceptable.
One quality that Bugzilla does not seem to focus on is user experience.
The times where clients had to choose between functionality and a smooth GUI are over.
Now, testers want the best of both worlds.
Testers should not enjoy only the results of using a certain tool, but also the process of using that tool.
The placement of buttons saves time and is therefore more productive.
Bugzilla has an outdated user interface that only the ones who were around when it launched seem to get around.
However, BugUp is more user-friendly, which makes it accessible for veterans as well as amateurs.
Its modern drill-down dashboard is also a plus, as it allows users to easily find commands and complete tasks faster.
Moreover, its seamless and modern drill down dashboard streamlines tasks and offers users a clear overview of the tasks at hand.

Let us not forget that the more QA processes a tool can deal with, the better.
Issue tracking and test case management go hand in hand and the developers at InformUp know this, which is why they have created a built-in test case management tool for BugUp, called TestUp.
This way, those who want to run a test case after they have tracked issues can do so from the same software, opportunity that Bugzilla does not offer.
Another aspect that makes BugUp a good Bugzilla alternative is its customizable workflow.
Customizable workflow means that the user can change the status of the project and adjust processes depending on his or her needs.
With Bugzilla, users cannot change the workflow and are stuck with the same option no matter what they are working on.
This is never a recommended course of action, because each project is different and testers have to be flexible.
To fix the lack of customizable workflow, clients can choose BugUp, an excellent replacement.

This tool comes with an integrated screenshot and image editor.
Currently, it is the only specialized solution on this market that offers this feature, which makes it a serious competitor for all other ones.
In the world of QA and testing, an image is worth a thousand words and using screenshots to exemplify issues can be much more productive than using words.
Last, but not least, there is the matter of product trial, or lack thereof in Bugzilla.
Many companies download and install it only to soon discover that they are not what happy with what it offers.
However, with tools such as BugUp, they can download a trial and only unlock the full version if they like all its features.

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