What does an ideal bug tracking system for Startups contain?

To those who are not yet familiar with the particularities and technical features of a modern bug tracking system this is the online software which can be utilized in an unlim for medium and small companies, from start-ups to early developed firms.
The main role of using a bug tracking tool for beginner companies is to offer their managers and representatives the possibility to have a centralized outline of how their development cycle is evolving.
The information rendered by the software are presented in a user friendly manner and the overview is extremely clear, in order to enhance the utility and functionality of this system in the early stages of a company.

Why is this solution so important for start-ups?

Both the companies which are just starting their operations and the midsized ones can benefit from the valuable addition that this tool brings in terms of issue tracking and bug tracking alike.
Depending on the software your users choose they will see different sides to this system, as some programs are more user-friendly and manageable than others.
The software with a one click screenshot like BugUp System is easy to use and will facilitate the speed of analysis and if there is an online editor incorporated into the program, then this also eases the work of companies in their early years but the programs without screenshot capabilities are equally efficient.
Apart from the facile control and user-friendliness, the major defect tracking systems also require a minimum set of knowledge in the field and simplify the work of start-ups managers.

How to start using the software?

There are two major ways to get a bug tracking tool:
On the one hand, there is the possibility of a hosted type of solution which involves receiving it in the form of software on demand or that of SaaS, otherwise known as software as a service which involves receiving it in the form of software on demand or that of SaaS, otherwise known as software as a service.
On the other hand, clients of various providers can choose the standalone version of the bug tracking which is installed on the provider's servers.
For further details about this option and the benefits it conveys, feel free to consult with the support teams of the firms offering you the tracking system.

What are the features of these systems?

A great defect tracking system acts as an application which is meant to keep track of all the recounted bugs in the software created for development projects and not only.
The main list of features provided by major bug tracking software includes:
  • The record database that contains facts about all the known bugs
  • A dashboard which can be customized for the user's ease of access
  • The possibility for end users to send their report directly
  • Various functions which organize and sort through the dashboard
  • The possibility to be used solely internally
  • An integrated screenshot tool, although this component is not always present
  • Integration with various different project management tools
  • Built-in tools allowing users to edit images
  • Email and communications options
  • Connections between various work items
  • Efficient search capabilities
  • A personalized overview
  • Fast, facile administration
  • Increased security levels
What does the ideal bug tracking solution bring to the development of start-ups?
There are many aspects contained by the bug tracking system which make it bring a massive contribution, including the manner in which it integrates the Quality Assurance and development. Some programs of this sort allow start-up companies to have unlimited use of bug tracking capabilities and to create as many projects as they desire. This lack of boundaries also applies to product components.
Bugs can be created straight and easy in general. Sending a picture of the bug and/or issues users are faced with is a tremendous improvement and speeds up the diagnosing process significantly.

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