Bug tracking systems and test case management tools - a match made in heaven

All companies in the IT field know how important it is to have access to certain tools that will make your products that much better.
A bug tracking system is an absolute must to most companies, as it helps them identify any bugs from their systems and fix them before the software gets launched on the market and customers start to use it.
However, having a bug tracking system is often not enough, especially for those who want to have control of their entire process and maintain their quality standards.
To this extent, rather than investing in two separate tools, these days those who use a bug tracking system such as Jira, have the possibility to implement a test case management tool directly into that software and thus obtain a reliable and low cost tool that will offer them important advantages.
All companies willing to invest in application lifecycle management tools will appreciate this possibility, especially when they start using it and receive the first results.
These are the main advantages that opting for this solution will bring its users:

Improved product quality and time management

Because you will essentially be using one tool for both purposes, you will reduce QA time considerably and you can create the bug in the bug tracking system from the tests without any complicated and time-consuming procedures.
In addition, all projects will be automatically synced between the two tools, so someone will not have to waste valuable time on this task either.

Receive results automatically

Since these tools become connected, all information is automatically linked between the two and programmers will have everything they need in one place, without having to waste any time.
This is a great way to improve work efficiency and, at the same time, obtain results that will rise to the high standards imposed by any client.
The important thing is to find a product that offers what it takes for this task and InformUp supplies test case management for Jira.
Furthermore, all defects identified during the tests will be visible in the bug tracking system and thus more accessible to those who are involved in the project.
These tools combined will definitely improve the entire workflow of a company, as they offer their users the chance to have an easier and faster access to the results they generate and thus be able to take the necessary measures in a very effective time frame.
All developers understand the importance of this entire process working flawlessly, as a minor glitch in the entire communication process can lead to severe consequences in the quality of that project.
Any company that respects itself and wants to make sure the entire Quality Assurance process works flawlessly will invest in the right tools and this includes everything from the right bug tracking system to a test case management tool they can rely on.
You can read more about software testing here.
To conclude, integrating test case management tools into the bug tracking system can prove very advantageous to those who use these two tools on a daily basis and want to improve their QA.
These two vital components will definitely make a world of difference into the final results obtained by a company.
While it is not necessary to integrate the two, they are certainly a match made in heaven, one that will bring many positive results and make every project successful.
When connections between the tests and software problems are easily made, they are also easy to fix and thus the quality of the product increases considerably.

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