A perfect test case management solution for the Jira bug tracking system - Integrating InformUp tools for quick and comprehensive results

InformUp is one of the most well-known and appreciated names in the field of application lifecycle tools, with a variety of comprehensive solutions which rise and overcome the expectations of any client trying them.
As a reliable provider and popular source of alternatives, InformUp has become the go to solution for professional developers looking to test and fix flaws easily, as well as to manage their projects in a more proficient manner.
For instance, the Bug tracking system of InformUp is renowned for its impeccable features and high reliability levels, as are all of the tools provided under this acknowledged brand.
Among the strengths exhibited by the company is the ability to offer clients distinct alternatives for all of the project stages, leading to a broad and multidimensional testing experience on behalf of the client.
Apart from bug tracking systems, the company also specializes in dedicated ALM solutions.
InformUp ALM offers application lifecycle management tools which can be monitored and adapted with great ease, therefore increasing the effectiveness of the control over the development life cycle.
But perhaps the most notable achievement of the team at InformUp is the test case management for Jira which will be explained in full detail below.

What is test case management and how does InformUp innovate here?

Test Case Management is the process which enables developers to store valuable information related to the testing activities, to plan these activities better in the future and to have feedback regarding the status of QA activities.
Used in general for planning and maintaining the testing, these tools have multiple functions and a variety of features, depending on their providers.
The InformUp test case management solution is seen as an extremely efficient and worthy to be considered option, as a result of its power, high speed and increased ease of use.
This is precisely why TestUp, the tool provided by the above mentioned company, was launched and succeeded in assisting clients of both large and small dimensions with all of their ALM needs.
This test case management tool helps you to easily manage your software testing life cycle with simplicity that has never been achieved before.

What is Jira and how can InformUp tools be integrated with it?

JIRA is a recognized issue tracking solution created in order to provide clients and interested developers with a multitude of options, such as issue tracking systems, bug tracking tools and project management options.
Being created in 2002, it has managed to grow in popularity tremendously over the years becoming one of the most popular systems of its sort.
Official data shows that more than 25,000 persons located in over 122 countries use this tool regularly and the number of companies relating on its result is equally impressive.
As a consequence, InformUp has developed and implemented a specialized tool to be integrated in the Jira platform for quick and comprehensive results.
With the help of TestUp, test case management in Jira is made much easier with greater accuracy.
The integration of TestUp with Jira is achievable in two distinct ways:
- On demand clients are offered cloud test case management for Jira as a unique service, in other words SaaS on demand).
- Standalone ( the InformUp servers provide the location where Jira test case management tools can be installed).

What is the best test case management solution for the Jira?

Without a doubt, TestUp is far more than being a sought after and efficient option, it is in fact the perfect test case management solution usable for the Jira bug tracking system.
The tool best suits the needs of developers who already have a bug tracking solution and who just wish to add the test case management functions to their existent system.
TestUp is also a reliable and affordable alternative from a financial point of view, making it the best option on the market at the moment.

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