What tools should a software development company use and why?

Software development is a complex process that involves the combined efforts of various teams and departments with different sets of skills such as programmers, engineers, testers and designers.
Even a simple application can have months of planning and years of work behind it.
From the moment the development idea gains shape to the moment the software gets released on the dedicated market and is implemented by users, the quality assurance team needs to oversee every process and ensure the code behaves as it should when exercised in any usual and unusual way.
Software projects small, medium or large alike have a high risk of failure, which is the reason why the quality assurance and testing departments play an important role in this industry, as they are responsible with controlling the quality of the software and identifying these failures before the product reaches the user.
The goal of a software development organization is to create useful and quality software, yet a great number of such organizations resort to disparate and incomplete sets of tools to coordinate their projects between departments, which affects productivity and the overall quality of the product.
If you wish to develop quality software and eliminate waste in the form of rework, you should try ALM of InformUp which is an application lifecycle management tool that will help you seamlessly organize and coordinate all the complex processes involved in all the stages of the application lifecycle.

What features make bugs tracking systems enticing?

There are certain issues such as failing quality checks and falling behind schedule that all organizations have to deal with at some point or another, because software projects have higher risks of failure than other type of products.
Writing code is not an automatic process, on the contrary innovation is natural and desirable in this field of work, and therefore, quality checks are as complex as code writing.
Trying to figure out new ways to exercise code is not an easy task, which is why the need of bugs tracking systems is paramount.
This type of systems are absolutely necessary in a software development company, as they help reduce waste, ensure bug free releases of new projects and increase the overall quality of the applications.
To streamline the process of bug tracking, it is necessary to use a tool that offers both manual and automatic testing.
Take for example the bug tracking tool of InformUp, which was designed to respond general and very specific needs at the same time.
Testers should be able to increase their efficiency by using automated processes when doing step by step testing, but they should also be allowed to exercise code in unforeseen ways to ensure any odd behavioris identified before the product gets released.

What is the purpose of a test case management tool?

Another tool that can indirectly affect the quality of software is the system responsible with test case management.
The test case management software also called TestUp enables users to execute and manage test cases in an efficient way.
While bug tracking systems have already been implemented by organizations around the world to identify, oversee, assess and track bugs, test case management systems have only just begun to gain in popularity.
Take for instance JIRA, a bug tracking tool used by thousands of testing teams around the world.
Identifying and tracking issues with JIRA, while opening test cases in Excel has shown such poor results that test case management tool integration with JIRA has become an enticing solution to this problem.
The JIRA test case management with TestUp ensures contextual linking of requirements to test cases and vice versa, extending the flexibility and extensibility of the system.

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